Transforming Implant Management: Process Pitfalls to Best Practices

Transforming Implant Management: Process Pitfalls to Best Practices

Originally Broadcast: Wednesday, June 24, 2 PM EDT

Featured Speakers:

Matt Clark
Vice President of Sales

Jason Rolfe
Vice President of Sales

This webinar will discuss the history of implant management and the federal rules that have helped to transform today’s processes for managing implants. The latest advancements in technology will be presented, which have automated manual data entry processes, and reduced the need for duplicate entry which for years has contributed to workflow efficiencies and product waste. We’ll explore bar-code scanning technology that moves product data from an Electronic Hospital Record (EHR) to inventory and back with speed and accuracy. We’ll also look at how software can manage the chain of custody at every stage in between. Beyond implants, we’ll share best practices in managing explants, aka implant devices that have been removed for expiration, failure or other reasons. Throughout this discussion, we’ll point out the operational and economic considerations that are helping to advance innovations and implant processes in the operating room, Cath lab and beyond.


June 1, 2020

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InVita Healthcare Technologies