Automate Your Implant Supply Chain for Reduced Spend and Significant ROI

Automate Your Implant Supply Chain for Reduced Spend and Significant ROI

Originally Broadcast: February 25 at 1 PM EST

If an investment could yield your hospital a 240% return, would you make the investment? While the numbers are illustrative, the gains to be made through optimizing your hospital’s implant supply can be that significant. Attend this webinar to learn the keys to making supply chain optimization easy so it can drive the biggest results for your bottom line. Gain insight into the right mix of software, accurate demand data, and chain of custody tracking.

We’ll discuss the latest advancements in technology, like barcode scanning technology, which establishes a two-way data integration with your Electronic Hospital Record (EHR) and InVita’s Bill-Only solution, and RFID-enabled security to protect your valuable inventory.  Every step along the product lifecycle, from procurement to warranty claims, is digital (paper-free) and accurate. Beyond implants, we’ll share best practices in managing explants, aka implant devices that have been removed for expiration, failure, or other reasons. Implant spend represents about 30% of a hospital’s budget but with full lifecycle management, we’ve seen that reduced significantly. This is a webinar hospital leaders, clinicians and supply chain managers won’t want to miss.


Steve Coloia
VP of Sales, Central

Paul Cicciarelli
Senior Product Specialist


February 15, 2021

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InVita Healthcare Technologies